Limited Liability Company Center of Information Technologies Nelian

Center of Information Technologies "NELIAN" - the developer, manufacturer and seller of VISUAL MEDICAL DIAGNOSTIC SYSTEMS:+ Bioresonance NLS Health Diagnostic Complex "Dianel" and "Biolaz-Oberon" with full biofeeedback for testing of human health and individual remedies selection;+ Dianel-iON Complex for psycho-physiological testing, identification of stress and depression, psychological testing with hardware support;+ Software "DIANEL-micro" for Digital Microscopes - for convenient HEMOSCANNING (live native blood analysis) and varied morphometry laboratory test results (automation, visualization, measurement, ordering) of the study of histological preparations in vitro+ Dark Field Digital Trinocular Microscopes kit different models - with Dianel-Micro software and that provides all necessary functiona for HemaView of live native blood with automation, visualization, measurement, ordering, printing and storage images and video in Patients Data Base+ RTM-01 - Multifunctional Digital Medical Diagnostic Radio-ThermoMeter - for Early diagnostics and detection of noninvasive tumors and othe cancer manifistations in mammology, gynecology, urology etc...We have been satisfying our customers since 1998"What do I gain from the purchase of Dianel equipment?"You will get:1. Motivation: the opportunity to effectively motivate your patients to the treatment by therapy or remedies and/or other healthcare services in your center.2. Improved efficiency: easy to detect the disease and to subsequently treat the underlying reason.3. Satisfied patients: You will have the instrument to help your patients become really healthy!4. Profit: You will scale up your service to the patients because they will return for new procedures.5. Business development: satisfied patients will recommend your healthcare services their relatives, neighbors and friends. It is necessary to open new cabinets and medical centers."Is it really possible?!"It is really possible because the Bioresonance Diagnostic Complexes "Dianel" and "Biolaz-Oberon" have a wide range functionality:1. Fast testing up to 1000 different body areas on the organ, tissues, cells and chromosome level2. Visualization of the functional condition easily understandable to a patient;3. High diagnostic accuracy of the tests with the highest comfort for patient4. Confirmation of a possible diagnosis on the organ, chromosome and biochemistry level5. Informational Energy Influence (Mora-Therapy function) for the normalization of organ's condition6. Anti-Microorganism and Anti-helminths, Ant-virus therapy Frequency influence with visualisation of effect;7. Making Energy-Informational Remedies (infoceuticals) of any remedy for patient using Vegetative Resonance Testing module of Dianel device8. Visual and clear Vegeto-Resonance Test of any remedy sample by VRT module.9. Health improvement program with highest effectiveness based on individual patient waves.10. Chakra condition test, evaluation of pathological influence for chakra condition;11. Aura condition test - evaluation of problems in organ for whole body aura.12. Card index of patients, detailed automatic reports, printouts of body cuts.More and more useful functions...And all this wide functionality is realised in a single inexpensive machine Dianel-5122, with the size of a portable kit and the best technical support and Medical Practitioner Support to consult you!

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