Huizhou Winpow Electronics Co., Ltd.

WINPOW specializes in battery R&D and production. We provide a wide variety of battery products, including alkaline button cells, 23A/27A batteries, lithium manganese button cells (CR2032), LR6/LR03 alkaline cylinder batteries, R6/R03/6F22 Carbon zinc batteries, lithium primary cylinder batteries (CR123A, ER14250), zinc air batteries and rechargeable batteries (Ni-mH, lithium ion and lead acid).Huizhou WINPOW Electronic Co., Ltd, the first plant of WINPOW, was established in April 2007. Through over a decade of efforts, we have built three plants, one in Huizhou for producing alkaline button cells and 23A/27 batteries, one in Shenzhen for providing battery diaphragm, and one in Shaoyang for supplying lithium batteries.As a battery specialist, WINPOW has independent IP rights and R&D capabilities in batteries and are already at the forefront of the industry for many years. We are home to a host of industry professionals who have their papers published in authoritative magazines of China's battery industry, such as Battery and Battery Industry. Our products are widely embraced for extraordinary cost performance and superb leakage resistance. WINPOW's 23A, 27A, and lithium manganese button cells are best-selling products in Chinese battery market, which makes WINPOW an authorized manufacturer of many reputable brands.Driven by the goal of going global, we established WINPOW (HK) Co., Ltd and WINPOW Industry Co., Ltd. As yet, WINPOW has extended its footprint throughout more than 40 countries and regions including Europe, North America, South America, and Middle East, and its exports are still increasing at an annual rate of 20%. Today, WINPOW's diversified products and premium services are accessible to customers from all around the world.WINPOW will always keep to its business philosophy of being "customer-centric, honest in cooperation, innovative, and in pursuit of excellence. We will stay focused on battery R&D and production and push WINPOW forward to be a world-leading battery manufacturer.

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Dongguan Jingzhi Optical Film Co., Ltd.


Located at Shatian town Dongguan city, Guangdong province China, Dongguan Jingzhi Optical Film Co. Ltd was established in the 1990s as a professional manufacturer which devotes itself to research, production sales and service. ,brTo meet the market>s demand JINGZHI optical film has introduced advanced , imported equipment to upgrade products. And now we have become […]

Wuxi Aozuan New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.


Wuxi Aozuan New Energy Technology Co. Ltd. ,Shandong Zhongling Vehicle Manufacturing Co. Ltd., is an enterprise with first-class motorcycle production qualification in the national Announcement which listed 71 of the Catalogue in the Announcement. It is also a private enterprise with priority support of Shandong Province. The company has a technical research and development, and […]

Shenzhen Lithtech Energy Co., Ltd.


Shenzhen Lithtech Energy Co. Ltd. Is a high-tech enterprise, specializing in RD and marketing of Lithium rechargeable battery products. With technical creativity and scientific management& Lithtech has established a first class team of engineers designers, RD innovators& product managers quality assurance and sales,customer service. Which are fully engaged in research / developmentproduction and sales on […]


Skirts 91

We "Gajanad Artsitry" a manufacturer of many types of home textiles and fashion products from last 25 years. We believe in the quality and the customer satisfaction. We are providing the best deals to our valuable customers with 100% customer satisfaction.

Shenzhen Wow Strong Technology Co., Ltd.

China, Guangdong, Shenzhen 17

More than 5 years experience in mobile phone accessories industry Shenzhen Wow Strong Technology Co.,Ltd had been dedicated for manufacturing and sourcing quality products with very competitive prices for customers in more than 80 countries mainly Chinese trading company, wholesaler on-line store owners from USA, Canada Spain, Germany Australia, Mexico Brazil, Russia Ukrain etc. ,brShenzhen […]