Henan Mayboom Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

Henan Meibon Machinery Equipment Co. Ltd. belongs to Henan Xinguoxin Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. the company has Guoxin, Xinguoxin Meibon and other brands.,brThe company is a professional drying equipment research and development and manufacturing enterprises> product constantly updated development at present has formed belt drying equipment, box-type drying microwave drying, sterilization equipment freeze-drying equipment and rotary cylinder dryer and other five series hundreds of products, widely used in traditional Chinese medicinal materials grain, fruit and vegetable meat, seafood industrial products, chemical products such as dry processing.br agricultural and sideline product processing plants chemical plants, coal mines rural planting cooperatives tailored to the pepper dryer, chrysanthemum dryer yam dryer, sunflower sunflower dryer forsythiae dryer, hawthorn dryer garlic dryer, coal slime dryer sludge dryer, fly ash drying...br

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Foshan Da Tuo Electronic Industrial Co., Limited

China, FOSHAN, Guangdong 170

We have the factory with floor space around 2000 square meters and over 250pcs employees which include housing production lines, SMT production lines Cameras Production Lines, and XVRNVR production lines. With complete qualitycost control Datuo has got absolute advantages to spread solutions, products and services in over 150pcs countries.brbrAbout products >brWe have full series of […]

Zhejiang Pntech Technology Co., Ltd.

China, Ningbo, Zhejiang 113

Zhejiang Pntech Technology Co.Ltd has 10 years of experience in photovoltaic cable production. The company has passed ISO9001 management system certification. The photovoltaic cable series has passed the German TUV and China CQC certification. Certificate covers 1.5sqmm-25sqmm. Our product is produced by special photovoltaic materials, using advanced electron beam irradiation cross-linking technic. Our product can […]


Baby Biscuits 319

We are one of the leading FMCG supplier company in Turkey.Our group company is listed at top 500 exporters of Turkey in 2016 and 2017.

Luoyang Tuxun Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.


Luoyang Tuxun Electronic Technology Co. Ltd. in the energy industry, has a number of industrial chains the company has the ability to quickly transfer customer needs to the production line, to provide personalized customized services. Our excellent research and development ability also enables our products to be updated quickly. Compared with traditional production enterprises we […]

Anhui Sunnybay Enterprise Co., Ltd.


Anhui Sunnybay Enterprise Co.Ltd. established in 1997. which is a manufacturing group company. We have 300 employees. It has an area of more than 40,000 square meters.brbrFrom 1999> Anhui Sunnybay Enterprise Co. Ltd. began to develop the business in oversea market. We have successfully entered the market in West Europe, North Africa and South Asia. […]